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INNOVENTIONS Inc. is a privately held Texas corporation based in Space City Houston, Texas. INNOVENTIONS is located in a modern facility near Beltway 8 and US 59. INNOVENTIONS employs a group of dedicated employees who pride in their hard work and creativity.

INNOVENTIONS markets its products globally. We have exclusive distributors in countries including Germany, UK, China and Hong Kong. We sell directly to all other countries worldwide.

OUR HISTORY: INNOVENTIONS Inc. was incorporated in Texas on October 1984, with the mission to develop innovative and inventive products. Until 1986, the company was located at the garage of Dr. David Feinstein, the president and founder of INNOVENTIONS. The company's initial products were "smart" 640K memory upgrades for the then popular IBM PC and XT models. In 1986, the company came out with a unique PC add-on, called SIDECLOCK, that allows a clock device to share an existing expansion slot with any other card. Dr. David Feinstein was awarded with US Patent 4,692,120 for the SideClock invention. While memory upgrades and clocks helped to establish INNOVENTIONS as a unique company with unique products, the rapid development of computers quickly made SIDECLOCK and the memory upgrades obsolete. In 1987, INNOVENTIONS pioneered the field of portable memory testers with the introduction of Classic RAMCHECK. At first the company had to spend much resources to educate the customers about the need for a memory tester. Most often people would tell us that "if I have a memory problem, all I need to do is to throw away all the memory chips and buy new ones". The increase in prices and frequent shortages of memory chips during the late 80s helped push the RAMCHECK onto the desks of most computer technicians at the time. Anticipating the need for SIMM testing, INNOVENTIONS developed the original SIMCHECK product line in 1990, followed by the SIMCHECK II PLUS line in 1996 and the RAMCHECK in 2001. Our current product line incorporates the new state-of- the-art RAMCHECK LX.

In addition to our pioneering role in portable memory testers, INNOVENTIONS is actively developing other technologies for licensing. INNOVENTIONS also provides a customization and development service for computer hardware and software.

On October 15, 2002, we have obtained our first US Patent (6,466,198) for our RotoView® smart scroll technology. RotoView provides an intuitive, user-friendly way to scroll around the display of any small hand-held device, including PDAs and smartphones, simply by tilting or changing the orientation of the device in the direction it needs to be scrolled. RotoView senses the changes in the spatial orientation of the device and dynamically controls the display's view. We have received additional patents for RotoView in 2005, 2008, 2014, 2015 and 2016.


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