Dr. David Y. Feinstein

Dr. David Y. Feinstein is the founder and president of INNOVENTIONS Inc. David holds a Ph.D. in computer engineering from Southern Methodist University, and is the inventor of RotoView as well as INNOVENTIONS other patents. He is the chief architect of the SIMCHECK/RAMCHECK line of products. He holds several US and European patents with (hopefully) many more to come.
David's activities in the academia are listed here.
David likes to jog and to play basketball, and his many hobbies include Astronomy, Science, Physics, Philosophy, and the Performing Arts (mostly Opera). He lives with his wife, the artist Orna Feinstein, near the Braes Bayou in Houston.

Sylvia D. Greer

Sylvia D. Greer is the production manager at INNOVENTIONS and has been with the company since 1986. Her quality work is critical for all our new and existing products.
Sylvia is an accomplished boy/girl scout leader and her many hobbies include backpacking, canoeing, and camping. She is also a Red Cross volunteer. Sylvia creates dolls and participates in doll exhibitions where she won several prizes.

Scott LaRoche

Scott LaRoche is the Sales Director for INNOVENTIONS. Scott holds a degree in Marketing and Communications from a major Texas university. He has an extensive background in high-tech product marketing, including financial Web content, financial software and mathematical/statistical software.
He lives with his two children in Houston. His passions are his family, gardening, long-distance cycling, running, Scouting and Web design.

Calvin Mikeska, Jr.

Calvin Mikeska, Jr. was born in Rosenberg, Tx in 1961. He holds an Associate Degree in Computer Systems Technology (CST) from MTI (1994) and an Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) from NEC (1988) in Houston. Calvin is the senior technician of the RMA department at Innoventions. He uses the latest sophisticated equipment to ensure quality and timely repairs for all our customers.
Some of Calvin's hobbies include teaching and dancing Country & Western, fishing, hunting, billiards, and volleyball. He also frequents the airwaves on the Citizen Band radio (AM & SSB).

Honorary Mention

Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia has been with INNOVENTIONS from 1990 to 2001. Mr. Garcia was the director of the technical support department and contributed to our marketing dept. He was also our webmaster and the talented artist whose graphic illustrations decorate many of our web pages, our manuals, and our products.